Pre-made covers

Pre-made covers are designed for ebooks and print. Each purchase will include the changes of adding the book's title and adding the author's name. Any additional changes will require an additional fee depending on the work involved.

Once you have found the cover you like please email me so the cover will be reserved. An invoice from PayPal will be sent to you to purchase your cover.

What does the purchase include?

You will receive the ebook cover which will include adding the title and author's name. (Any additional changes you wish to make will be an additional fee depending on the work).

What kind of file will I receive and what file size?

You will receive a high-resolution jpeg file. I design my covers to 1600px by 2400px, if you should require additional sizes or need the cover for print please let me know.


Custom front cover 

For a custom book cover design please contact me so we can discuss the design. Custom covers start at $150. If the design involves extensive work and extra stock photos additional fees may be applied.

This includes the ebook format. If you want the front cover printed format it will be an additional $35. 


Whole book design (cover, spine & back cover)

Whole custom covers start at $250

This includes both ebook and print ready files.

Whole book design is available for both custom and premade covers. This will include the front cover, spine, and back cover design. If the design involves extensive work and extra stock photos additional fees may be applied. 


Purchasing rights

What rights do I receive to the artwork once I have purchased it?

Purchasing the artwork gives you the license to use the artwork. If your work is purchased by a publisher or picked up by a company then they will need to purchase the rights to the artwork for a separate fee. If you’d like to buy full rights to all the artwork this can be discussed.


Stock photo usage rights

If you sell more than 500,000 copies, an Enhanced License would then be required.